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Akhenaten's Ascension Mission Under Giza

Right or wrong, no one else has laid out our Human and ET history like Ashayana Deane’s iconic ground breaking book: Voyagers Volume II Halls of Amenti which she received from 'The Guardians'.  These are my notes gleaned from the 'Return to Amenti - Pharoah Akhenaton' Chapter which brings to light the hidden history and High Drama of the Armana period. When Deane went back to 'The Guardians' to verify the discrepancy with the Armana dates written in our history books she was told to leave them as is.  Enjoy!

1398 BC Amenophis IV HUMAN-2 avatar pure Anunnaki Sirian council of 9D frequencies was born in Thebes to Annu-Melchizedek Mother Queen Tiye and Serres-Egyptian Father Amenophis-III.

Coinciding with this event the Arc of the Covenant Portal Passage was opened and the Sphere of Amenti descended into Earth's Core from the UHF bands of D3 where it had been stored since the Atlantean Cataclysm.

Amenophis III's purpose and mission in coming here was "to ensure the opening of the Halls of Amenti, to realign the morphogenetic field of the Annu races so they could be re-entered into the Sphere of Amenti, and to orchestrate ascensions for the Templar-Annu, Annu-Melchizedeks and elected others of various races whose genetic codes were evolved enough to undergo this process and return to Tara."

1386 BC the Blue Flame of Amenti descended and was embodied by the Melchizedek Cloister Flame Holder who became the High Priest of Akenhaten's Atonist movement.

1385 BC Amenophis III died when Akhenaten was 13 and he served as co-regent with his mother Queen Tiye.

1374 BC The Halls of Amenti were opened after earth's grid frequencies had stabilized at age 24 Akhenaten is taken by the priests of UR to inner earth for ascension training which he would be conducting later on.

1370 BC At age 28 begins his pharaonic rule.

1367 BC He is instructed by priests of UR to relocate to Tel el-Amarna area where inner earth portals lay beneath and created the city of Akhetaten in honor of the god Aten and The Law of One .  Through the portals he could pass unseen to Thebes, Jerusalem, Ur and into the portal under the Great Pyramid of Giza where the Arc of the Covenant Portal Passage and the Halls of Amenti were, as Giza was still under the control of the Amonist priests of Serres-Egyptian lineage who were anti-antenist.

1366 BC changed his name to AkhenATEN or ATON

For 5 years, Akhenaten successfully trained and ascended thousands of people through the Halls of Amenti & 5D frequencies back to Tara in secret.  Although the general surface populace saw him as neglecting his duties, unbeknownst to them he was highly regarded for his spiritual mission by those who were in the know and those in Inner Earth. Akhenaten could not fully open the halls of Amenti for the entire race as the timing of the Ascension cycle had not yet been reached (Ascension Cycle 2017 – 4230 AD) however he could partially open them for being’s who possessed an active 5th DNA strand in their Genome.

Unfortunately arrogance, an intolerance for the belief of others and favoritism towards his Mother's Annu people (was Tiye still the power behind the throne?) created a major setback in the great plan of preparing all the human race for ascension.  Even though he managed to realign the genetic imprint of the Annu races reintegrating them into the Sphere of Amenti, he showed unwarranted prejudice against all the Serres-Egyptian races. Because he broke his original soul agreement to assist with the ascension of non-Annu lineage (sound familiar?) the Halls of Amenti were closed again.

The Priests of Ur, the Elohim, Blue Flame Melchizedek support staff and primary flame holder Phaelopea High Priestess conspired to allow Non-Annu races to ascend. Together with the 200 members of the Blue Flame Melchizadeks, The Inner Circle of Flame keepers General Haremhab, Sabatoth (physician and elder half-brother) and 4th wife Ankhi/Kiya began ascensions in secret at night using an alternate passage to Giza.  In this way finally the original mission contract was being fulfilled. The chaos that followed when Akhenaten discovered what they were doing resulted in a final confrontation between him and the Keepers of the Blue Flame.  Akhenaten tried to close the Halls of Amenti with his staff, the Flame Holder transmitted the 5D frequencies held in her body to Ankhi who was to be the next Flame Holder.  Ankhi then transmitted the 5D frequencies into the Sphere to counter the transmission of Akhenaten's staff, Husband and Wife were now in a standoff with the Sphere of Amenti between them.  

Sabatoth grabbed a rod instrument from a guard and activated a 2D frequency hoping to dislodge Akhenatan's staff from his grasp and like a scene out of StarGate SG1 the energetic barrier around the shield collapsed opening the D2 morphegenetic field into the Sphere releasing D1 & D2 malevolent souls of man from the underworld.  The Elohim immediately descended through the Arc of the Covenant portal passage and sealed the Sphere which had now partially collapsed, if anyone tried to go through their souls would fragment.  Everyone's memories were wiped and they were sent home to Armana.

Tuthmosis III name on Staff
Image:  Simon Brown Blog
Egyptian Staff reportedly found in a tomb in southern Jordan in the 1800s before being bought by a British collector and later acquired by the Birmingham Museum.

The Priests of Ur and the Elohim tried to council Akhenaten but he took this as some sort of trick or conspiracy against him and the Annu as he had no memory of the Giza events from the night before, so he continued to ascend the Annu people through the Arc of the Covenant Portal Passage.  Sabatoth saw what Akhenaten was doing and thought it must be ok so he also proceeded to send Non-Annu through not realizing their fate.  The Elohim intervened again, deactivated the rods/staffs and sealed the Halls of Amenti.  There is so much more detail in the Voyagers book itself then I am relating here this is just to reveal the multi-dimensional goings on behind the writings, glyphs and buildings in Egypt.

1361 BC Akhenaten focused his efforts on validation of his son as his heir by making Ankhe/Kiya #1 wife while a conspiracy to assassinate Akhenaten led by his uncle (the younger brother of Amenophis-III) was hatched.  First wife Nefertiti, not happy at having her power transferred to Ankhi/Kiya who she blamed for breaking up her family, sided with the conspirators.  Ankhi & Blue Flame Keepers appealed to her under the behest of the Priests of Ur but she "could not muster the required humility".  (Nefertiti too succumbed to the temptations of 'Service to Self' but I believe she must have been wholeheartedly part of the 'Service to Others' original mission at the beginning)

1353 BC Ankhi and her 2 yr old son were assassinated then Akhenaten also. Smenkhare, husband to one of Akhenaten's daughters who was secretly pro amonist, took the throne temporarily and was also assassinated shortly after.

1348 Sabatoth was imprisoned, tortured for his knowledge of the Arc of the Covenant then in 1344 BC executed by those who raised him in Thebes, the corrupt Serres-Egyptian priesthood.  Sabathoth was favoured to replace Smenkhare by Haramheb and the Keepers of the Blue Flame, but he left behind hope, a son to wife Ihopetohelep. The child's name was Tutankhaten and his true lineage was hidden.

"Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, who has some energetic revelations of her own regarding Armana and it's ruling couple, asked whistleblower Mark Richards about them and he said Nefertiti and Akhenaten were from TWO DIFFERENT ET RACES and that Tut was NOT the biological heir."
Tutankhaten married Ankhesenpaaten (3rd daughter of Akhenaten), Smenkhare was assassinated and TutankhATUN took the throne.  To please the Serres priesthood his name was changed to TutankhAMON.

He became a puppet to Haremhab who was starting to favour the Serres-Egyptians and moved away from the Keepers of the Blue-Flame. Tutankhamon resisted this, but at age 17 while suffering from an illness Haramhab's advisers poisoned him.  Aya an old councilor priest and friend of Haremhab was appointed to the throne. After Aya died, Haremhab appointed himself and went about destroying any evidence of his affiliations with the Blue-Flame keepers and the Aten movement.

Guardianship of the Arc of Covenant portal passage was now transferred to the Hibiru Cloister races.  Reintegration of the Races into and Restoration of the Sphere of Amenti  later on became the mission of the 12th level, 12 strand DNA Avatar Jesheua born of a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hebrew Essene mother and a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hibiru Cloister Essene father (not the 9th level Avatar Jesheuwa born to Mary (and ET father) & Joseph whose story as Jesus we have come to know).    Due to Akhenaten’s fiasco, there were major divisions among the ranks of the Elohim HUman-3, the Sirian Council of HUman-2 and the RA Confederacy. The Elohim abandoned their attention to the human race save the Annu-Melchizedek and Hebrew peoples.

 'The Law of One' (Ra Material)  had this to say on Akhenaten:

The entity decided that this name, being in honor of one among many gods, was not acceptable for inclusion in his vibratory sound complex. Thus, he changed his name to one which honored the sun disc.  However, it does not come totally into alignment with the intended teach/learning which was sent. This entity, Akhenaten, became convinced that the vibration of One was the true spiritual vibration and thus decreed the Law of One. Meanwhile, the information concerning initiation and healing by crystal was being given. The one known as “Akhenaten” was able to perceive this information without significant distortion and for a time, moved, shall we say, heaven and earth in order to invoke the Law of One and to order the priesthood of these structures in accordance with the distortions of initiation and true compassionate healing. This was not to be long-lasting. At this entity’s physical dissolution from your third-density physical plane, as we have said before, our teachings became quickly perverted, our structures returning once again to the use of the so-called “royal” or those with distortions towards power."  (After Death) This entity was then put through the series of healing and review of incarnational experience which is appropriate for third-density experience. This entity had been somewhat in the distortions of power ameliorated by the great devotion to the Law of One. This entity thus resolved to enter a series of incarnations in which it had no distortions towards power."

DNA analysis has 'proved' that Mummy 61074 found in KV55, was close enough to be Tut's father and the 'Younger Lady' found with him to be this mummy's sister AND Tut's mother.  Egyptian Archaeologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs Zahi Hawass led a team of researchers who made CT Scan images of Mummy 61074. They determined that the elongated skull, cheek bones, cleft palate, and impacted wisdom tooth suggest that the mummy is the father of Tutankhamun, and thus is Akhenaten. Most of the forensic studies on Mummy 61074 show the man to be between the age of 20-35, but this has recently been rejected.  The majority of Egyptologists, believe that it is that of Smenkhkare, who they also belive may have been an older brother or even the father of Tutankhamun.

If Deane's Guardians and Mark Richards are correct, as well as the DNA results then Tut's father and mummy 61074  is Sabatoth, Akhenaten's half brother and the 'Younger Lady' is Sabatoth's wife Ihopetohelep making these the parents of Tut.  Akhenaten would then be Tut's uncle.  If they go into the room Nicholas Reeves thinks is behind Tut's tomb and find some evidence to these two people and events AND they actually let the public know, even if it differs from what they have been telling us all these years....well....that would be something indeed.

I have never seen our Human history  sound so plausable as in Ashayana Deane's Guardian Material.   The Armana family story is currently being played out in mainstream media as we await Nicholas Reeves  radar scan results of Tut's Tomb to see if it really is the outer chambers of a bigger 'Super Queen's' Tomb.   I have my own reasons for digging into this time period which will be revealed in my book, but as I write to discover the reveals are happening faster then I can write.

There is still the Moses was Akhenaten theory of Ahmed Osman which makes so much sense especially in the light of Deane's race lines.   If Akhenaten was not killed in Egypt he could have left taking his 'Mother's people the Annu-Melchizedek' with him indicating the Roman Church's cover p of the Essenes/Christians Egyptian origins.