Sunday, January 10, 2016

Our False Light Chakra Overlay Implant Systems

"The Chakra body is a major component in the greatest deception ever imposed on our Human Race!  
It is a most intricate element to the fragmentation, manipulation and control of Humanity on a cosmic level".... George Kavasillas "Our Universal Journey"

Whether you are aware of your Chakra Energy Vortex Overlay System or not, if you are human, you have one.   The first time I heard that our Chakras, Kundalini and Pineal Gland system is a synthetic false light matrix program designed to fragment and Compartmentalize our energy feeding the false light mind-god entity was when Experiencer George Kavasillas talked about it in his presentations based on his book Our Universal Journey.

George said there are 7 chakras each connected to a ring of Saturn and aligned with the Human anatomy and physiology and five others for a total of 12 and each is aligned to a 'replicated' strand of our original 12 strands of DNA.  "The chakra interface system was also designed to interfere with the way we perceive the sun's light and energy" this means it is getting in between us and our Sun. Saturn is an aspect of the jealous god with a small 'g' of religion who has been portraying itself as our Creator and is the creator and keeper of time and the synthetic false light matrix on our Mother Earth.

George's book also delves deeply into the mysterious pineal gland in that he says it was created as a biological implant to interface with the '7 Seals' chakra body which all in turn interface with their synthetic light matrix construct.  The pineal gland is the interface between the endocrine and nervous systems. Throw DMT into the mix when you focus all your energy up through this system and you have a "chemically induced form of enlightenment."  Clever aren't they?

The minute I heard George say this I knew he was right.  George said he removed his own synthetic chakra overlay and any attachments on his pineal and spine so I immediately went about removing mine; as soon as I did my life became my own and I truly started becoming who I am.  As Humans Awaken the awareness that the chakra system is another form of interference has prompted a growing group to remove theirs.  Most people are saying how peaceful they have become but I feel more 'whole', operating as a fully functioning being moving quickly through life on my own terms and doing what I want to do.  It is an incredibly 'natural' feeling and thrust, truly as if Source was my engine not our ET en-slavers.

Also linked to the chakras is what Carla Fox calls the Kundalini 'Serpent' patterning which is an energy channel called the Shushuna running from the tailbone straight into the pineal gland or Third Eye or Eye of Ra or Eye of Horus or The All Seeing Eye in the centre of the Head.  The Freemasons call it Spirit Fire.  Closer scrutiny of the history of the chakra/pineal third eye system, supposedly in India, shows the Third Eye is again a 19th century creation by channelers of the Theosophical Society who were the creators of  New Age Thought and the 'Third Eye' which was molded out of earlier religious concepts. Chakras and Third Eye Myth.

Simon Parkes warns us that you have to be very careful with kundalini as you are dealing with 2 snakes.  Many Esoteric New Age organizations have been infiltrated and any practice where you are giving away your sovereignty, as in Ayahuasca,  is dangerous as negative ET's  prefer to wait until you are in a group and have all transferred yourself into their home turf. You must do your research on the shaman, elder or organization and check with people you know who have been through the experience and NEVER EVER GIVE AWAY YOUR SOVEREIGNTY! 

From Ashayana's book Voyagers II "The Third Eye of Horus Portal, through which the second seeding took place, would no longer be useful as it's connection to the Sphere of Amenti had been severed so a new portal bridge between the Andromeda Galaxy and Earth had to be created in order for the Third Seeding to take place.   The Third Eye of Horus Portal bridge remained open as a passage between Earth and Sirius B but it is no longer connected to Sphere of Amenti so could not be used to ascend to Tara."  So has the Third Eye of Horus portal been re-purposed as  a 'bridge passage' between our brain/mind and those belonging to Service to Self?

Source: Enteodelia
It is interesting that there is a chakra strategically placed right over the Heart Soul Essence Connection which more and more people are resonating with.  Carla says chakras are like wells that accumulate heavy issue related energy that can easily be triggered which is why energy workers are constantly getting people to 'clear' their chakras which, by the way, never stay cleared.  Somewhere along the way we made agreements with those who are playing the role as our oppressors to have these chakras and implants so removing them is something you have to do yourself as you are releasing your agreement.

A short post on TheCarlaFoxBlog  describes her detecting that the DNA in her pineal gland started to spin.

"I could detect that the tiny black cubes that represent the genetic distortions were being flung out. As things sometimes go, as soon as you put your attention on something happening in another dimension, that action appears to stop because you are slowing it down by looking at it. I did do my best to go with the flow and stay in a somewhat altered state to allow this process to continue for a bit longer. You can read about the DNA and the black cubes here.  It seems to me that at a certain point in our clearing of the DNA, we may not have to consciously use one of several methods to do so. There will be a tipping point where enough momentum is built up in the process so that it can continue on its own. Maybe not 24/7 at first, but sporadically activated on its own because of the intent to have this happen. It will be so much easier that way! This may already be happening to you. You will perceive it when you are relaxed and least expect to see something like this."

The Earth Mother or 'Ela' I trust so I always ground myself to her before meditating.  I also shine my heart light clearing non agreed to interference everywhere as I go along as I no longer desire to be interfered with ... I want my sovereignty back!

For further information: 

Carla Fox talks about how to remove your chakras (no one can do this for you) on her blog and she also recently did a chakra removal workshop on Rise Multiversity which is available for download via donation.

Laura Lee Mystica has been working with this for many years after she had complaints from a group during a meditation that they did not like using their 3rd eyes as it was painful and they just didn't like it.  She has a very good post on her site for more information go to

Ashayana Deane (Voyagers II, Secrets of Amenti) says Eons ago Templar Seals (origin of 666) were placed on those who had steered away from the Sacred teachings of the Law of One to protect Earth and Tara but then were being passed on genetically through interbreeding with humans.  The seals prevented inter-dimensional ascension and were not removed until those souls embraced again the Law of One lessons of Love, Unity and equality.  The seals and distortions in some of our DNA strands created higher and lower or shadow selves, and a blockage between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra became amplified affecting communication between the body's consciousness and Earth's elemental kingdoms.

What I keep reminding myself is that I do not have to learn anything, I just have to remember that we are all-knowing, eternal, multidimensional beings of light who chose to come here and experience it all.  So 'practice' discernment taking what you resonate with and what you do not.  George says he always uses the light from his Heart Soul Essence to 'feel into' everything first.   I am monitoring myself constantly and discovering the depths to which our ego is controlling us and how it in turn is being controlled.  Simon Parks says let your other (original) 10 strands of DNA or your HIGHER SELF absorb your ego which makes living organically and authentically so much easier.