Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nefertiti: Queen, Pharaoh, Elongated Skull and Conspirator

The one known as Nefertiti is the spark that lit the fire fueling my book writing.  I am not going into why here, just saying that her importance in my life is monumental yet I still do not know why.  I finally decided to seriously dig into what happened to her by looking at all the theories on her origins.   Within a couple of days Egyptologist and the head of the Armana Royal Tombs Project Nicholas Reeves uploaded a paper to on his investigation into the structure of Tut's tomb and it's hidden rooms, believing his hunt for Nefertiti is within reach.

The family's elongated heads kept me on the lookout for anything that wasn't just in theory and the only place so far that goes into detail about our hidden history is in the ground breaking Ashayana Deane Voyager Series. She says:

3D Image of Nefertiti   By Sven Gerschkat
The Turaneusiams were, tall, beautiful humans with elongated heads with skin and hair colors representing all those apparent on Earth.  The human lineage evolved out of the Turaneusiams, the Elder Race who were primarily immortal. The Breneau also were advanced beings from the highest dimensional worlds that appear as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes, when they physically manifest".

As I wrote in my post on the chapter of Akhenaton's life and mission from Voyagers Volume II, I finally got an answer.  Whether or not it is true remains to be seen but for me it felt like it opened up the this famous drama and made it more real and I just cannot read one more theory. I believe that Nefertiti had to have agreed to play a role in her husband's 'Law of One' mission as she was involved from the beginning of it in Thebes.  Deane has this to say about his mission:

Amenophis III's purpose and mission in coming here was "to ensure the opening of the Halls of Amenti, to realign the morphogenetic field of the Annu races so they could be re-entered into the Sphere of Amenti, and to orchestrate ascensions for the Templar-Annu, Annu-Melchizedeks and elected others of various races whose genetic codes were evolved enough to undergo this process and return to Tara."

Akhenaten's growing arrogance, intolerance for the beliefs of others and his decision to break his original soul agreement, assisting only his Mother's people the Annu in the ascension process, put him in direct opposition to his entire inner circle.  The Priests of Ur, the Elohim, 200 members of the Blue Flame Melchizedeks, the Blue Flame inner circle made up of General Haramhab, Sabatoth, (Akhenaten's half brother), his 4th wife Ankhi/Kiya and Primary Flame Holder Phaelopea High Priestess, conspired to allow Non-Annu races to ascend using an alternate passage to Giza.  (Reeves paper on Kiya 2001)

(Note from AR: Every time I read this it reminds me of another Avatar whose mission later was to again open the Hebrew 'teachings' to everyone at least the ones who had ears to hear and people are starting to realize that what was hidden from us was that 12D level Avatar Jesheua was teaching Ascension. More on the 3 Christs and their missions later)

Queen Kiya Canopic Jar
The chaos that followed when Akhenaten discovered what they were doing resulted in a final confrontation between him and the Keepers of the Blue Flame.  Akhenaten tried to close the Halls of Amenti with his staff, the Flame Holder transmitted the 5D frequencies held in her body to Ankhi/Kiya who was to be the next Flame Holder.  Ankhe then transmitted the 5D frequencies into the Sphere to counter the transmission of his staff, Husband and Wife were now in a standoff with the Sphere of Amenti between them.  

Sabatoth grabbed a rod instrument from a guard and activated a 2D frequency hoping to dislodge Akhenatan's staff from his grasp, like a scene out of StarGate SG1 the energetic barrier around the shield collapsed opening the D2 morphegenetic field in the Sphere releasing D1 & D2 souls of man from the underworld.  The Elohim immediately descended through the Arc of the Covenant portal passage and sealed the Sphere which had now partially  collapsed, if anyone tried to go through their souls would fragment.  Everyone's memories were wiped and they were sent home to Armana.

The Elohim and the Priests of Ur (Law of One) continued to council Akhenaten but he saw treason at every turn, they wanted him to make the new Flame Keeper Ankhe/Kiya wife #1 to legitimize their child.  Akhenaten's paranoia about being tricked by everyone about the state of the Sphere (not remembering the event) led to his continued use of the Sphere.  His half-brother Sabatoth seeing this believed it too must be working so he continued to ascend the non-Annu peoples through to their horrible fate.  The priests of Ur then shut it down completely.

Meanwhile, Akhenaten's uncle conspired to assassinate his nephew and Nefertiti sided with the conspirators.  The Priests of Ur instructed the Blue Flame Keepers including Kiya to try and talk Nefertiti out of it, but she blamed Kiya for breaking up her family and was not happy about transferring her power as Queen #1, she could not muster the humility to comply so in 1361 she assisted the uncle in sabotaging Akhenaten's plans. 1353 BC Ankhi/Kiya and her 2 yr old son were assassinated then Akhenaten also. Smenkhare, husband to one of Akhenaten's daughters who was secretly pro-Amonist, took the throne temporarily before he too was assisanted as Horemhab gave in to the pressure of the Serres Priesthood and the teachings of the Law of One became lost.  Sabathoth was favoured to replace Smenkhare by Haramheb and the Keepers of the Blue Flame, but he did leave behind hope, a son to wife Ihopetohelep. The child's name was Tutankhaten and his true lineage was hidden.

Prior to the devastating fiasco under the Giza Temple, the plan was that Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their daughters were scheduled to go through the Sphere of Amenti and ascend back to Tara after the power was transferred to Kiya (who was to be the new Primary Flame Holder) co-ruling with her son while Sabatoth took the throne until the child came of age. With the closing of the SOA the plan was no longer possible so the Sirian council arranged for the royal family to be taken by starship to Sirius B after the transfer of earthly power but Akhenaten did not live long enough. 

Simon Parkes says SIRIUS B is a complex 4D star system that contains humanoids. It has short, medium and long range portals that connect far away places with lots of traffic from many off world planetary groups passing through it's trading posts.  There are many variations of races from pure Sirian to everything else and many habitable planets in this system but is heavy, dense and not necessarily positive.

Nefertiti again disappears from the page but 1000 people were placed within the Eye of Horus portal passage in the core of Sirius B and allowed to ascend to Tara as soul essence once the SOA was reopened but then had to repeatedly incarnate on earth until they had fully assembled the fragmented portions of their soul essence from the D2 elemental kingdom.  There is more information in the text about the malevolent D2 energies and the bloodlines that carried them through the generations.  The Sphere of Amenti would have to be imprinted with 12 strand DNA once again in order for it to be used for ascension. 

From Deane's 'Guardian' material, it looks to me as if Akhenaten and Nefertiti, who Simon Parkes and Mark Richards say were from two different ET races, were indeed 'High Humans' and together had a soul agreement to assist all the different races in Egypt in the ascension process and to introduce the teachings of The Law of One.   Through the corrupting influence of so much power, the evil Serres-Egyptian priesthood and the release of D2 energies they turned from 'Service to Others' to 'Service to Self' the very basis of the ongoing Human struggle to retain one's own Humanity and there are lessons in this story for all of us.