Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Quantum Mechanics of DNA Time Travel & Genealogy

I allowed myself to travel back in time through my own DNA while researching my own family tree on for part two of my genealogy documentary series By Her Roots.  Stopping only to stretch and grab a protein shake,  I stepped out of time for 17 hours.   This is a common occurrence for those who have become "addicted" to tracing their own family history.

I have chosen to approach my next series from this unique aspect. We know now that we carry the experiences of our ancestors in our DNA and I believe we took on the responsibility of going through the process of clearing the dramas they could not.  As we realize who and what we are we start to see that our life's journey carries the life's journeys of our ancestors.  So how does this affect our current lives?
When we are fully engaged in the Now and present "time",  we are actually able to move out of time through other dimensions of the "imaginal realm".  When the observer kicks in and I catch myself observing myself, there is a wonderful feeling of joy and contentment that comes over me.   Forcing myself to "engage the observer" still takes work for me as I confess I do not meditate as often or as deeply as I should to develop clear mind but I am working on it.

The Dalai Lama says he meditates 7 times a day to practice his own death so he is better prepared to enjoy the experience when he does pass.  I understand this.  

I believe that the more we can shut off the media and control everyone's programming in our brains by staying in present time, we develop a relationship with our own spiritual self or the "I".  The more we practice this the more we operate from "clear mind" and the closer we get to full consciousness.  All creative artists know this principle.  Going without sleep or food is easy when you are fully engaged in the creation of something that resonates so strongly with you that the creative energy alone feeds your entire being and it is more exciting than any other form of escape. 
According to Fred Alan Wolf 's blog on his book the Yoga of Time Travel,  focusing and defocusing  is a process the mind goes through when creating our future.  You have to focus to "see" therefore materialize the outcome you want in the future from the cloud of molecules and possibilities, this is called the Observer Effect.  You also have to defocus and relax to complete the process. Avatars, Medicine Elders and Bodhisattvas time travel because through years of intense meditation and training of the mind they are able to travel the corridor, going through the door and coming back using this focus/unfocus process.  "By breaking free of the chains of linear time and slipping the timestream you take profound spiritual steps toward achieving liberation from the ego, connecting to the universal consciousness, and overcoming the fear of death."

Writers, as well as Genealogists and family historians know very well the principle of synchronicity..they can all share amazing stories of "coincidental" occurrences during their research.  If you truly are in "the zone" you are "out of linear time" and tapping into the elements of  the subject of your focus no matter what time period.  As we take back full consciousness by using more of our brain power the easier it will be to slip into the time stream of our own DNA.   Sooooo exciting!!