Thursday, January 7, 2016

How The Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Mars Drama Unfolded

As with all my posts here now, the following is a very simple and brief overview of notes gleaned from the information given to Anna Hayes now E’Asha Ashayana, by Earth's 'Guardian Races' from her 2002 book 'Voyagers II: The Secrets of Amenti' (now out of print but available for download in pdf on some sites).  I am also including comparison notes from others I respect that back up these revelations of our Earth and Human History i.e. Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Alfred L Weber, George Kavassilas, Corey Goode etc.   I am constantly updating my posts as more information comes to me and through me.

The Pleiadians contributed to the development of the Ur-Antrians & Lemurian 'Law of One' 'cultures during the 3rd Seeding on Earth.  The Lemurians were given crystalline power from Sirius B to pull energy from Earth's core and store in crystal generators. Meanwhile the 'Annunaki Resistance' infiltrated Atlantis and passed on their Templar-Axion Seals (AKA the 666 seal) through interbreeding with the humans which were placed on them to protect Earth when they refused to accept a treaty.

Previously The Law of One teachings (available in pdf download) were distorted by the Templar Solar Initiates of Tara who then took over Egypt and allowed the Draconian Races to enter Earth where they infiltrated the Lemurians on the continent of 'Muarivhi'.  The Dracs then built tunnels between Atlantis and Lemuria and when an attempt was made to use the crystal energy to seal the tunnels it overloaded and exploded destroying Lemuria.  The Dracs were then evacuated and the Arc of the Covenant 'Portal Bridge' between earth D-2 core and the S.O.A (Sphere of Amenti) in the Andromeda galaxy that was constructed to facilitate re-seeding on earth, was moved from Atlantis to Egypt.   The Templar-Annunaki then started taking over Atlantis and plotted to use the stored generated crystals to break through the electromagnetic barrier which protected Inner Earth.

The Annunaki of the Sirian Council (The Good Guys) had been sent to Mars to re-establish the old observational outpost to let the Annunaki Resistance (The Bad Guys) know they were being monitored by the Council.  After witnessing what was happening on Atlantis they petitioned the 'Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds' to make a 'show of strength' on Earth  which resulted in the 'Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense' being summoned.
The Annunnaki Resistance primary target was the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge in Egypt.  The Anunaki Sirian Council drove some of the Templar-Annunaki out of Egypt and back to Atlantis then began creating bases of operation in the form of protective pyramids directly over the portals.   The portal to Inner Earth, that was linked to the portal passage that led to the Arc of the Covenant, was covered by the original Sphinx.  The Sphinx was also a sacred text library and housed the UHF 5D energy transmitting machines from the Arc of the Covenant with it's smaller Ankhs.  The Ankh tools created the Sphinx, pyramids and other structures as they had the power to reverse gravitational pull.    It was designed with the head of an Anunnaki warrior on the body of a lion which was a tribute to the Leonines who contributed to the original Anunnaki heritage.  It was the council's hope that this would demonstrate to the resistance that their "Leonine Heritage stood behind the council".

The Original Great Pyramid was constructed directly over the Arc of the Covenant and was constructed at the same time as the Sphinx about 44,459 BC and was reconstructed twice since.   It was created to protect the Arc of the Covenant as well as being a Harmonic Resonance Chamber and an Interdimensional Teleportation and Ascension Training centre for approved Initiates.  For more information  on how it operated read Voyagers II: Return of Amenti.  See also my post on Akhenaten Ascension Training Mission for a glimpse into the high drama going on in the tunnels under the Giza complex.