Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Really Lies Beneath the Stonehenge Environs?

Photo by Alannah Ryane - 2013 during road dismantling

As I walked toward Stonehenge I had a dark feeling of dread and oppression rising up within me accompanied by a strong desire to walk away. I had not read Ashayana Deane's (Anna Hayes) 2002 Book Voyagers The Secrets of Amenti Volume II (Currently out of print look for pdfs). The following is a synopsis of what (via The Guardian Alliance, GA) has been going on at the Stonehenge Environs for over 25,000 years and still is.  Much of her material here is outdated as treaties are broken and teams switch sides all the time but it is the history she presents that I believe is a comprehensive base from which to investigate from. 

In 25,500 BC, The fallen Angelic/Iluminati Human Anti-Christiacs (mix of Annunaki and Dracs) seized control of Nibiru and Earth's D-4 Universal Stargate #4 in Gaza Egypt during the Luciferian Rebellion. The Luciferian-Annunaki set up a Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid (NDC) NETWORK in the Stonehenge area to remotely control SG-4. SG-4 connects with Universal and Galactic SGs of the Sun, Mars and their home planet Nibiru. As of 2002 SG-4 in Cairo was under the High Council-Emerald Guard.  

According to Ashayana & her Guardians there are 12 'Amenti Star' Gates and 12 'Arc of the Covenant' Gates on Earth.  Amenti Star gate number #2 is the Grual  (Holy Grail) of all the Amenti Star Gates which controls all other 11 Amenti Star Gates. The Arc of the Covenant Gate #2 under Stonehenge is considered the Grual Arc Gate that controls all the other Arc of the Covenant gates  on the planet.  This is why the NDC network was built in the Stonehenge environs during the Lucifer Rebellion.  As usual the simple explanations of 'ancestor worship' and processional calenders spoon fed to us by the controlled archaeological community have been perpetrated to keep our #hiddenhistory hidden.  This makes much more sense as to why the Salisbury Plain is owned and operated by the Military of Defense (MOD).

The stone monuments were then placed on the land by the Fallen Angelics to redirect the energy frequencies away from the Arc of the Covenant Gate #2 Portal which is underneath and also guarded.  I suspect it is much like the tilted lintel stones placed on top of Dolmen's near lay lines.  

In my post on Maria Wheatley's recently published book 'The Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge' we discover that Maria had a long journey in her hunt for the skulls and documented evidence the Antiquarians recorded in 1800's on all the Elongated Skulls they found.  

Their saying was "Round barrows Round skulls, Elongated barrows Elongated skulls"  Just more #HiddenHistory.

As anyone awake now knows, The Human Illuminati and Fallen Angelic Anti-Christiac races' plan was to use the Stellar Activation Cycle of 2000-2017 AD (NOW) to clear Earth's real estate of it's population and replace it with their own Hybrids under a 'One World Order' Anti-Christiac agenda.  "There are also competing Fallen Angelics for Dominion over Earth and their quest for control over the Stargates was part of their overall agenda to cut us off from the Founders Race protection.  To do this they had to possess the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and Stargate tools as well as have their hybrid-human races with their reverse sequenced DNA templates dominant on the earth."   

Their plan during the Stellar Activation Cycle was/is to create a pole shift which would clear Earth's real estate by using the Arc tools, the NDC at Stonehenge, the Nibirian controlled SG 4 in Cairo and the false-planet Battlestar Nibiru.  
In 10,500 BC  Nohasa-Atlantis and SG-3 in Bruah-Atlantis (Now the Bermuda Islands) were taken over by Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki-human hybrids and Fallen Jehovian and Luciferian Annunnaki.  SG-3 connects to Universal and Galactic SGs of Earth, Alpha Centauri and Venus. Currently (as of writing of Voyagers II) under High Council-Emerald Guard Protectorate. The root races living there fled to Lohas-Atlantis (UK) to get away from the murderous raiding. 

"Many times the Emerald Covenant Guardian Races have intervened by keeping the Angelic Human & Magi Grail line DNA templates alive within the human gene pool so we could rise together during the SAC of 2000-2017 Final Conflict drama to fullfil the Christos Realignment Mission & prevent further advancement of the Atlantian Agenda."

During the Christ Drama of 12 BC - 27 AD, Maji Grail Line Speakers Jesheua Melchizedek (12D strand DNA Avatar not the 9 Strand with the ET father), John the Baptist and Miriam were part of a group of Maji Grail Line Angelic humans on an Emerald Covenant Grail Quest Mission to secure Earth's Stargate-11 in Lohas-Atlantis (Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire England) which connects to Universal and Galactic SGs on Aveyon/Avalon Lyra and Nibiru and to secure the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and Arc tools.  

The mission was to use the Arc Gold Box and the Arc Tools (Rod and Staff see Akhenaten post) to release the NDC's control over Earth's Templar and SG-4 at Stonehenge.  Jesheua and his Magi were attacked by the Annu-Melchizedek Hyskos and Hassa Leviathan King races in the Essene Divide Event resulting in a partial failed mission.  Miriam and John were able to get to Lohas SG 11 in Wiltshire to bury the Arc box and tools.   "These 3 Essene Emerald Covenant Speakers were in possession of the CDT plate teachings which were stolen, edited, falsified and integrated into the Religious Dogma created at the council of Nicea and Drakonian infiltrated Church of Rome in 325 AD creating today's Bible."
ln September 2014, just weeks after scientists from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project revealed their discovery of 15 other monuments buried under the grassy plain that surrounds the area, President Obama visited the monument.  Obama was on way home from Wales and the NATO Summit where he strongly declared his plans to “dismantle” ISIS along with NATO allies.  I personally do not believe they will ever release their true findings and that is why the Military of Defense has been holding the area all these years.  

The New Yorker magazine then followed with an article about Senator McCain being shocked that Obama didn't take the opportunity to 'bomb' Stonehenge “This is a time when it’s important to send our enemies the message that the United States is strong”. So who were the enemies that would be powerfully affected by bombing Stonehenge?  Sorting out which side Team Dark's human minions are on is a rabbit hole of great depth.

In 559 AD the mission resumed when the story continued in the 'Quest for the Holy Grail' during the drama of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable  (See Annunaki Quest for the Holy Grail).