Saturday, October 24, 2015

Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge

Stonehenge with Mound and Motorway Source: Alannah Ryane 2013

When an area around Stonehenge containing many long barrows was open to the public, Maria Wheatley, Wiltshire Earth Energy Practitioner and Sacred Site Researcher, was able to investigate a 400' long barrow that she had been drawn to.  In fact she says it is the biggest long barrow in Northwest Europe.
Source: Rock n Roll Wiltshire

Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire England is owned and operated by MOD the Military of Defense in Britain and for many years the MOD was using this particular mound for tank maneuvers but now only some parts are closed.

Remember the Beatles film Help? Those scenes were filmed at Knighton Down, near the Larkhill army base with troops from 3 division of the Royal Artillery who were on exercises there in 1965.

While looking for the original Victorian record of archaeological finds on the barrow, Wheatley discovered that it was dedicated to only one female burial which was unique in the neolithic period.  More importantly, an Elongated Skull had been retrieved but, tracking it's whereabouts was difficult as it took her from one museum or university to another. When she finally found it she also found the original archaeological reports on the area that stated many Elongated Skulls of the Egyptian/Maltese type were found around Stonehenge and she felt strongly that this information had been repressed.
Source: TheAveburyExperience.Co.Uk
Miss Wheatley is extremely knowledgeable about the Wiltshire area of Earth and has just released her latest book The Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge detailing her most exciting discovery.

When the rich land owning Victorian Antiquarians first excavated the mounds and barrows, a doctor took special interest in the skulls and described in the records the measurements and differences between the elongated and round skulls. They had a saying "round heads round barrows, long heads long barrows".  Then Maria discovered notations of evidence that those with elongated skulls were murdered. The woman, who was buried by herself and who Maria calls the High Queen, was also murdered.  The records stated that in the 25 x 25 mile radius of the Stonehenge environs there are approximately 2300 ancient sites and all of the long barrows contained Elongated Skulls!

It seems that the standard modern archaeologists mantra 'Built by the Beeker Culture of Europeans to honor their ancestors' ridiculous unfounded theories that have been perpetuated to distract us from ancient Britain history are now finally being re-evaluated.  This archival recorded history of Elongated Skulls on the Salisbury Plain, which continues to reveal itself, is extremely important as it backs up the alternative history popping through the thinning veil.  Wheatley says the Victorian antiquarians knew that within the Salisbury Plain, encircling the Stonehenge area, was an Elongated Head Ruling Community but modern archaeologists deemed this information unimportant as it did not fit with their standard retelling so they left it out.   Brian Foerster says the Caracas extended Elongated Skulls were all from the ruling elite.

According to Asha Deane in her controversial Voyager Series of Books, the beings with the Elongated Skulls were part of the Angelic Human Cloister Race of Indigo Souls who were in the 'Service To Others' category, this included Nefertiti & Akhenaten.   I agree with Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy  that Deane (aka Anna Hayes) has the most comprehensive human and ET history 'bar none'.  Although Deane's material on the mechanics of our universe is way beyond me, as most credible sources concur, treaties break and new ones are made so the playing field for control of earth is constantly changing and no one is able to keep up with the information squeezing through the veil right now.   The research I do on the topics for my book takes me to many sources and I pool what information or theory resonates with me.  As I understand what I have read of Deane's material regarding Elongated Skulls and the Armana Period of Egypt, Human Cloister Races (part of the Guardian Races) were here to provide the Human root race higher DNA strand information.  These Cloister races or Indigo souls incarnate into a body in order to anchor their chosen DNA strand and then advance the DNA within the body as part of the overall plan to Ascend out of this matrix we have devolved into. Others I study with agree that those in control are very good at what they do.  My strategy is to dig into my own life(lives) and focus on those events to attempt memory retrieval (my level of intuition is steadily increasing with this method)  as I believe it helps to punch holes in the veil allowing me to get snippets of our history and my part in it which in turn should fully wake me up!

In Deane's Atlantian Conspiracy timeline, the 'Fall of Akhenaton' was 1353 BC when the Pharaoh's 'mission' was to enter the Hyksos-Egyptian King line into the Serres-Egyptian Maji Grail King line for a further entry into an Emerald Covenant Bio-Regenesis  program but failed, succumbing to the Annunaki Luciferian agenda and was killed by his Draconian agenda Uncle, younger brother of Amenhophis III.   I think she is saying he was to bring one of the 'service to self' bloodlines into a higher frequency 'service to others' line which seems to me is ultimately our common human mission and defines our 'Humanity')

George Kavassilas said he was attempting to show us how our Soul Essence is directly connected to Source via the Human Heart and we do not have to go through any priests (i.e. Druidic "be your own priest, be your own priestess"), chakra overlay to pineal mind implant or the so called gods with a small 'g'.  The Ra Material or 'Law of One' also relates his failed mission.  Kerry Cassidy, who has some energetic revelations of her own regarding Armana and it's ruling couple, asked whistleblower Mark Richards about them and he said Nefertiti and Akhenaten were from two different ET races and that Tut was not the biological heir.

I highly suggest listening to the recent Maria Wheatley interviews on YouTube such as this one on to get a lot more information on her discoveries.  I also suggest everyone read at least Asha Deane's Earth history timeline from her Voyager Series, because whether  correct or not it provides a much bigger perspective on our history then anything else we have ever been given to work with and it makes so much more sense.

Those of us who have pulled our heads out of the sand know that we have been in a 'Truman Show' since our species was conceived and are interfered with and manipulate every day and night of our lives.   The herculean effort gone into hiding our HUMAN and ET history is overwhelming and should be of no surprise to any of us.  I also know that we are so powerful that we agreed to it for our own soul evolution so our greatest hope for change is awakening to the multidimensional beings with a mission we are and remembering why.  As George Kavasillas says "we wanted the very best and we got it".  I am posting my research while writing a book on this subject, which may never get done so ....just in case.
Armana Elongated Heads:  The Mission of Pharaoh Akhenaten