Friday, February 5, 2010

Swan Medicine, Nuwati & The Awakening

For me Quantum Physics explains the 2012 Awakening Transition.  This blog is a continuation from the blogs below where I shared  what has been happening to me personally as I move through this transition and feel the accelerated effects of increased intuition.  Even though I know my reality is created "in here" in my mind as opposed to "out there", and I am recognizing these amazing moments of present time full consciousness,  I still sometimes find my self dealing with panic & self sabotage when I am in between projects, contracts and income.  Here is a few things I do now to counter the effects of that pull into the downward spiral of despair and "stinkin thinkin".

When I catch those moments of negative thinking, I journal and meditate on shifting my perspective to turn it around to my desired outcome so I can stop spending & generating energy frequency of fear, failure and defeat and therefore be able to go to sleep.  The other thing that I pay attention to is what animal or "totem" comes into my space,  and what I am going through when it does. There are many people embracing this ancient teaching and I understand now what my Elder Grandmother Pa'Ris'ha means when she says "be frequency specific".   For the last couple of years it has been swans that have been coming to me and when I least expect it.  The frequency (interesting how I am using this word with two different applications) of swan sightings has been increasing even though it is winter and I do not live on water. Even people sending me ecards with swans etc is happening.  It took me a while to finally look up the meaning of swan medicine what the SWAN FREQUENCY represents, which reflected to me the level of my resistance to know.  But it is a major clue as to where I am at in my life wheel at this time.

Swan In Cherokee: (sasa nvwati)  Grace, Beauty, Surrender to Spirit
The Cherokee People call the Spiritual Medicine of the Four Directions Nuwati.  Nuwati helps you to walk in Balance & Harmony on the Medicine Path, this is why the Old Ones said:
"Every step is a Prayer"

 The Swan is one of the most powerful 
and ancient of totems.  As you begin to realize your own true beauty,
 you unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers.
 Swan can show you how to access the inner beauty 
within yourself and in others.  A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness
 and the development of intuitive abilities.
 Swan people have the ability to see the future, 
and to accept the healing and transformation 
that is beginning in their lives.
 Accept your ability and go with the flow.
 Stop denying you know who is calling when the phone rings.
 Pay attention to your hunches and inner knowledge and Swan medicine will work through you.  The Swan's call teaches the mysteries of song and poetry,
for these touch the child and the beauty within."

Many people are finding swans showing up in their space as they too are increasing their intuition.

"Swan  . . . 
 The power of woman 
entering Sacred Space
 Touching the future yet to come
 bringing eternal grace.  Swan medicine teaches us to be at one with all planes of consciousness and to trust in the Great Spirit's protection.  Swan medicine people have learned to move in and out of altered states of awareness and to rely as much on "intuition" as they do on their other five senses.  Their ability to perceive the future and the subtler planes of existence grows from their surrender to the Great Spirit, and their acceptance of transformation in their lives." Adapted from "Medicine Cards" by David Carson & Jamie Sams

So I have surmised that this increased level of spiritual awakening is so important to develop that I have had to split my focus between the future outcome that I desire and the crumbs along the timeline that are being left for me to follow.  If I don't practice being in present time and walk carefully with purpose in balance and harmony,  I will miss those crumbs and waste time and energy trying to figure out the HOW to get there when it is right in front of me and the more challenging the 2012 transition will be.