Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Leaving the Matrix by Ascending 'Consciously'

I recently participated in Carla Fox's 'The Journey Through Death and Beyond' workshop on Rise Multiversity. Using George Kavassilas' Universal Dimensional Construct model from his book Our Universal Journey we mapped our journey and 'consciously' traveled up through the distracting entrapment of the 4th dimension, or the Great Arena of the Matrix as George calls it.  Then on through the great void/barrier into 5D then right up and through 12D where our soul group were all set to 'go home'. We then turned around and came back. This 'conscious' experience has expanded my perspective even more and is now my favorite form of meditation.  The purpose was to learn how to be totally conscious at the moment of death, take our memories with us, stay in control during our journey out through this universe and avoid the tunnel into the false light where our memories are wiped and we are sent back to reincarnate into the matrix overlay.

On TheCarlaFoxBlog Carla has noted that not everyone will want to exit out of all 12 dimensions, go home and not return:"Some will exit this universe altogether, others will reincarnate on a suitable 3 D planetary realm to complete their experiences. Some will exit the 4 D synthetic matrix but won’t pass through the 9th dimensional Star gate in the Milky Way. Instead, they may stay in dimensions 5 through 8 someplace else in our galaxy. Some may transition out of their DNA, while others may merge with the heart of our Mother Earth and go with her. Others, and I think that there will be quite a few in this category, will be harvested into the ET synthetic realities and go back to those home worlds."

Some things came up/overlapped by various people in my spiritual circles the next day that were significant and I quickly realized they were connected somehow to my new 'expanded' awareness. I have long been an advocate for the 'no money' system of manifesting what we require via the Quantum environment by unplugging from the matrix money system over time. Part of this process is reversing traditional concepts such as my 'matrix work' is paid money but my 'volunteer spiritual group work' is not. Anyone who has attempted and/or succeeded in creating income from their spiritual work is hunted down and trolled by people who insist spiritual work should be freely offered denying them the right to make their living from their spiritual gifts & experiences.

My attitude toward this has always been that if I have the money to take a workshop or buy a book I do, if I have not manifested it then I move on to some other research as there is always something else I am resonating with.  It is my responsibility to manifest what I want in this world which is also part of being sovereign.  I consider the writing of this blog and my contributions to my spiritual groups 'my work' while I make 'money' in the matrix to pay my 'matrix expenses'. Being able to combine the two would be the goal but this is like mixing oil and vinegar and for me taking money of the equation all together would be the ideal. 

I also feel there is no better way to spend my 'matrix money' then on a book or training by someone who will help me get out of the matrix! What are people doing with their money but spending it back in the matrix on matrix stuff which is in turn supporting the matrix system and keeping them imprisoned within it?

I have been developing a theme for a podcast regarding the restructuring of our world systems/government after the money matrix and all other matrix structures finally disintegrate. Exo-politicians and experiencers have been working on this and everyday those that are waking up are seeing a different kind of chaos happening energetically. The day after our workshop, Carla received a post from TomKenyon.com on his Spiral of Ascension class in which he quotes from Professor John Curtis Gowan's book 'Operations of Increasing Order' and who brilliantly expresses the disjointed concepts I have been attempting in the last few years.

"The effects of increasing order are discontinuous, emergent, and integrative. Discontinuous means that there is a sudden, sharp escalation into a higher state. (It is really a carrying over of the quantum laws of physics into behavior science.) Emergence means the onset of some higher power or ability not previously seen. Integrative means that the new operations have some holistic, boundary-breaking, synergistic quality, which binds together in a single Gestalt aspects which before were not seen to be capable of unification.”

"Another way of stating this is that as we move upward in consciousness (i.e., Ascend), we will directly encounter the force of entropy or chaos as they are a part of the reality in this universe. In other words, there is a force that will tend to dissolve or disintegrate what we have created or intend to create. It is vital to understand the nature of this counterforce to our own evolutionary ascent. It is also important to recognize that when confronted with the stressors of entropy/chaos, instead of dissolving under these forces we can jump to higher states of awareness, which will upgrade our ability to respond to new situations. These states of awareness and response-abilities will be discontinuous to what we have experienced before, and they will emerge out of our own nature. Furthermore, these higher states of awareness and new found abilities will tend to integrate with other aspects of our nature that were previously thought of as being incompatible (i.e., being both practical and spiritual at the same time as just one example)."